For me, enjoying the view of the sunrise is the most enjoyable healing. Especially after the steep journey that must be passed to get this short phenomenon that really spoils the eye. Like Batur Sunrise Trekking which is very popular lately.

Interesting Facts on Bali’s Batur Sunrise Trekking

Visiting Bali has been a dream for a long time. It’s not the sunset on the beach that I’m looking for, but the sunrise over the mountain. The place I chose to enjoy this phenomenon is Mount Batur.


In Bali, Batur Sunrise Trekking is one of the best destinations to visit if you want to see the sunrise from a height. Not only sunrise, this mountain also presents the beauty of …

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Traveling abroad is something that people around the world aspire to. Whether you’re sailing around the Greek islands on a luxury yacht or sipping brandy by the fire in a Swiss chalet after a day’s skiing; or seeing elephants in Kenya, a trip abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, however, this can also become the disaster of your life if due diligence is not performed before you leave. Along with passports and airline tickets, getting travel insurance is one of the most important things to think about before traveling abroad. .Not just any “cheapest” travel insurance, but a policy that will take care of you should the unforeseen happen. Types of travel insurance vary from company to …

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Airport security systems have changed and become much more stringent. You might want to leave some items at home, and there are also some items you might want to take with you. Here are some things to take with you for a smoother trip and vacation: Bottled Water – Many people worry that it will cause delays at security, and some may insist that you drink it up in front of the guards. Regular drinking of water while flying can alleviate most of the
ailments that flying can cause.

In addition, depending on the destination, it can be very useful to have a bottle of drinking water. If you are diabetic, it goes without saying; But even non-diabetics will benefit …

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I know the best in rental housing. So how do you choose between them?

What should you watch out for? What should you avoid? How can you be sure that the business apartment you rent isn’t miles out of town in a place that even the cab driver hasn’t heard of? How can you be sure you haven’t just rented a holiday home on the Costa Brava?

What you are looking for and what separates the commercial rental industry from vacation rentals is a level of professionalism. You want and need a landlord who keeps his promises. You must be able to trust the registration times. & Dates, apartment costs, rental availability, additional services and equipment quality. You don’t want …

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Humbly presents its list of what we think are the best beaches in California. Of all the beaches California has to offer, we think these are the best! If you can find better beaches in California, we’ll eat out. (figuratively) Malibu Lagoon Beach: a beautiful lagoon with 22 acres of wetlands, gardens and sandy beach. It is considered one of the best surfing beaches in the world.

On the east side of the Malibu Creek Bridge is the Malibu Pier, which is great for saltwater fishing. There is a nature reserve on the west side. Venice Beach – No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a visit to this iconic city. Street performers, entertainers and “beauties” mingle and …

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